Jean-Paul Sartre – Being and Nothingness – First Arabic Edition 1966


A first Arabic edition of this seminal book by French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, first published in French in 1943.

Regarded as his most important non-fiction work, it delves into the intricate layers of human consciousness, freedom, and the absurdity of existence. Sartre’s exploration of existentialism resonates through its pages, provoking readers to question their own existence and the meaning they attribute to it.

This first Arabic version was translated by George Tarabichi and published in 1966 by Lebanon’s Aladab Publishing House. Bound by Abdel-Hafiz Bsat in Beirut. It marks a pivotal moment in the dissemination of existential philosophy to Arabic-speaking audiences, and is now a true rarity.

The book is in good condition overall. Cloth covers, showing some wear and tear due to age. Binding is tight. Contents are clean with no writing or marking inside.