[SOLD] Tim Mackintosh-Smith – Yemen: Travels in Dictionary Land – 1998 First Edition

One of the few authentic accounts of life in Yemen through the eyes of a foreigner, written by an Englishman who spent more than 15 years in the country.

Hardback, first edition, John Murray, published in 1998. Condition as-new.

“In Yemen: Travels in Dictionary Land Tim Mackintosh-Smith writes with an intimacy and depth of knowledge gained through thirteen years among the Yemenis. He is a travelling companion of the best sort – erudite, witty and eccentric. Crossing mountain, desert, ocean and three millennia of history, he portrays hyrax hunters and dhow skippers, a noseless regicide, and a sword-wielding tyrant with a passion for Heinz Russian salad. Yet even the ordinary Yemenis are extraordinary: their family tree goes back to Noah and is rooted in a land which, in the words of a contemporary poet, has become the dictionary of its people.

Accompanied by etchings drawn from the life by Martin Yeoman, Yemen: Travels in Dictionary Land is an Arabian Grand Tour, a book in which every page is dashed – like the land it describes – with the marvellous.”

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