[SOLD] Map of the Coast of Arabia (1740)

Copper engraving of Arabia and surrounding seas published in 1740, with a special focus on coastal areas, based on mid-18th century navigational reports. Mecca and Medina are shown with their corresponding ports of Jeddah and Yanbu, as are Muscat, Julphar (close to modern Ras al-Khaimah), Qatif and Bahrain.

Hand coloured, in very good condition. 23 x 26cm.

Published by Jacques-Nicolas Bellin by order of the Count de Maurepas (Jean-Frédéric Phélypeaux 1701-1781) who was France’s Minister of Marine from 1723-1749.

Bellin (1703-1772) was one of the most important and prolific French cartographers of the mid-eighteenth century, in the service of the French Hydrographical Office. He was appointed the first Ingenieur Hydrographe de la Marine, and also Official Hydrographer to the French King.

Sold mounted and framed.